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Why Lawyers Should Get Feedback to Help SEO

The legal world has now becoming more widely competitive given the growing number of lawyers there are in a year. Now, a lot of law firms are making their own strategies to keep up with this highly competitive environment. With the increased number of lawyer rivals, many have embraced the challenges in the lawyer marketplace.

Lawyers seek out several of sources where they can get a good marketing strategy for their legal services and law firm. Although they already have an active lawyer blog, social media accounts all set up, what can really help any lawyers to top among the rest of the others, is having a client feedback. This can either be in series forms like testimonials found on their legal site, online reviews on different review sites, and the never obsolete form which is by word of mouth and etc. So in order for you to be able to know how and why you should ask and seek out your client feedback, I will be discussing some tips which you can use.

The only best way you can ask your clients for their feedback is by simply asking and telling them that you need it. Explain to them that their feedback would mean a lot to you and your law firm. Their feedback can help you improve on how you deal with your clients and how you can avoid certain events in case you receive a bad feedback. It will really help you grow and mature in your profession as these comments will all do the wonders.

You can ask them in a right time like through email or if you have an ongoing conversation with your client. Although best feedback are given when you are able to talk to your client personally, as it allows a personal connection to occur between two parties involved; rather than by having a conversation through online.

If ever you receive a feedback you don’t like, accept it and consider their opinion since it can help you grow professionally and it can help you avoid the same complaints in the future since you are already aware of your liability. Learn to accept constructive criticism.

Clients generally want a lawyer and a law firm that they see as credible and trustworthy. After all, it is not easy confiding a legal problem if you don’t trust the person whom you are talking to. So having testimonials in your lawyer site or posting reviews on sites like Yelp and other review sites, will really help you build a credible and trustworthy reputation. Later on, this can help you generate more clients too.

Aside from the reasons already mentioned above, client feedback can also help lawyers boost their lawyer site. Whenever a client leaves feedback to your site, this will be considered by Google as a new update and sometimes their feedback can contain long-tail keywords that Google considers accordingly.

Online review sites can also help you enhance your lawyer site ranking. This includes Yelp, AVVO, Google my business, etc. It can also help you generate more leads.

Clients feedback are important, may it be negative or positive. It just depends on how you respond to these different feedback and how you use them. If you receive a negative feedback, you should respond to their complaint and address to their concerns, as this can help you build your reputation. Being responsive and attentive can make show viewers that you really care for you clients since you are addressing their needs.

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