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Twitter Keyword Targeting in Timelines: The Good and the Bad Sides

Compared to Google AdWords, Twitter Keyword Targeting in Timelines is less popular, thus not too many business owners (especially SMBs) are well acquainted on how it works and how they can benefit from it. It is also interesting to take note that this advertising platform is specifically designed for small to medium businesses. If you haven’t tried it yet, then keep on reading.

What is Twitter Keyword Targeting in Timelines?

This is Twitter’s advertising platform that can be compared to Google’s AdWords. Although the latter targets search engine users and the former targets its microblogging users, both platforms are into target marketing that uses each of their algorithms to filter audiences based on what their clients specify.
According to Twitter, keyword targeting in timeline enables a business to reach the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. This helps small business owners reach their target audience inside the microblogging network based on keywords in their recent tweets and in the posts (tweets) they have recently or currently engaged with.

The Good Side

The number of active Twitter users has been increasing through the years. It has increased by more than 50 million in the past year and is expected to increase as mobile usage keeps on rising. Also, it is predicted ( that on this year, 1/5 or 20.5% of internet users in the country are expected to get their own Twitter accounts. These figures are always good news and can open up opportunities for small and medium businesses.
Twitter Keyword Targeting in Timelines is mainly beneficial if your target audience mostly hang out in the microblogging site. This is because its main purpose is to drive Twitter users off to your landing page. This increases your leads and boost the chances of getting successful conversions.
Similar to Google AdWords, Twitter’s advertising platform uses keywords to target specific prospects based from their interest, geographic location, and other relevant factors. According to some experts, it is typically a less expensive alternative to Google AdWords. But then, this is debatable since cost varies depending on the competitiveness of the keywords use in a campaign.
Twitter ( shares the top 4 benefits in using keyword targeting in timelines:
  • Increases relevance of your brand messages to your target audience,
  • Facilitates real-time marketing at scale,
  • Drives physical world actions, and
  • Serves a good complement to your search marketing campaign.
Despite all these benefits and advantages, Twitter Keyword Targeting also has its downside. Before deciding if you want to use it in your next social media campaign, find out first a few of its disadvantages.

The Bad Side

One of the most significant difference between Google AdWords and Twitter Keyword Targeting is their User Interface (UI). Those who are already used to the former’s user interface will have a bit of a hard time grasping the latter’s. Here’s what the experts from HubSpot ( said about this.
“If you’re used to using Adwords, beware! The tracking and reporting within the Twitter ads interface are not nearly as robust. The simple joys of Adwords like pulling a spend-by-day report or geo report are nowhere to be found within Twitter’s UI. If you are a data-hound and need all of the data points that Adwords features, you’ll be at a loss with Twitter ads. The best thing to do if you’re running Twitter ads on your own is to keep track of key metrics on a daily basis such as spend, followers, clicks, leads, cost per engagement, and or cost per lead.”
Another downside, according to Zeendo (, is the vague costing rate.

“Even though it is in their webpage, Twitter doesn’t explain clearly which is going to be the price for every action, it is known that it is based on a bit system but nothing else. It is not easy to understand.”
Twitter advertising is also less flexible when it comes to setting and scheduling campaigns compared to Google AdWords. Here’s what HubSpot said about this.
“In addition to Twitter’s less-than-advanced UI impacting tracking and reporting, it puts SMB marketers at a disadvantage with their ad campaigns, too. For instance, ad campaigns can’t be set up to run on certain days or during certain hours of individual days with any relative ease. Bid increases during peak hours need to be adjusted manually. Things like this that have become the standard in Adwords are scarce to be found within Twitter.”
Lastly, the lack of customer support and limited availability of the service make it only second to Google’s advertising platform.


Twitter Keyword Targeting in Timelines is a good alternative that can help boost your social media campaign. Although it has the potential to bring desirable results, it also has some disadvantages. To recap, here are what you can expect from the famous microblogging site’s advertising platform, both the good and the bad:


  • Targets highly relevant users,
  • Helps increase leads,
  • Less expensive,
  • Helps in boosting your brand,
  • Real-time marketing,
  • Drives physical action, and
  • Complements your search marketing efforts.


  • User interface is not advanced,
  • Tracking and reporting features are not comprehensive,
  • Vague costing rate,
  • Less flexibility in setting up campaigns,
  • Lacks customer support, and
  • Limited availability of service.
How about you? Have you used Twitter advertising in your social media campaign? If you have, we would like to hear your experience. Share them by dropping your comments below.
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4 Ways to Use Social Media in Public Relations

How to Use Public Relations to Improve Social Media Marketing

4 Ways to Improve your online press release distribution with social media

How to use social media marketing to improve the PR side of your business is commonly discussed among marketers and business owners alike. Now, let’s flip the other side of the coin. Let us take a closer look on how you can use your Public Relations to improve your online marketing campaign, more especially on how you reach out and communicate with your target audience via social media.
Public Relations is considered as the cornerstone of your business. It mainly concerns on how you spread information about your company to build a credible reputation that can help you attract customers and investors. It also majorly involves activities or events you organize to reach out to your prospects or potential customers.
These days, the role of PR is quite crucial in maintaining a reliable public image not only offline but also on the web. Social media is one of the main platforms online wherein public relations can be put to good use not only for building a reputation but also in maintaining communication with your current and potential customers.

How to Use PR to Boost Your Social Media Marketing?

Incorporating your public relations strategy into your social media marketing campaign can help a lot not only in maintaining a credible reputation online but also in boosting repeat business. Here are a few ways on how you can do it.
1. Incorporate your company’s activities in social media by creating Events in Facebook.
Use your seasonal events such as your monthly promo sale, your annual job fair, or even your community outreach to create a more credible image in social media. Create a Facebook event for each activity and invite your followers.
This can help you increase the number of your followers at the same time increase the chances of getting successful conversions. For example, if you are doing a monthly sale that runs for a week and you invite your Facebook fans and at the same time encourage them to invite their friends to join the event, the chance of getting more leads can help you increase your sales.
2. Create a press release for each event and syndicate it to your social media pages.
Maximize the use of your PR events and activities by creating a press release for each instead of lumping all events in one write-up. The constant and regular flow of content in the form of press releases can provide a steady updates in your social media pages that allows your followers to learn more about your brand. Each press release should be properly syndicated across all your social media properties to gain more exposure, visibility, and leads.
3. Communicate with your contacts and bring the conversation in Twitter.
Make your Twitter streams alive by bringing your trusted contacts in there. These are people whom you have established relationship with over the years. Create a list and put them in there so that you can easily see their tweets and make a reply if relevant posts that you can tie up with your brand come out.
Having genuine conversation in Twitter can help a lot in highlighting the authenticity of your social media presence. Aside from that, getting the support of people who’ve already known your brand online doesn’t only boost authenticity but can also help your account gain more targeted visibility.
Once you successfully established your authenticity and authority in Twitter, starting conversation with your target prospects through the use of social media tool such Social Centiv will be a lot easier and can be more productive.
4. Encourage your email subscribers to follow you in Instagram.
Make use of your available pool of subscribers to populate your social media profiles. Getting your email subscribers into your Instagram can help you create constant activity in there. Since they are already your brand’s followers, it won’t be difficult to encourage them to participate whatever promotions or contests you’ll host or you’ll hold using the photo sharing platform.
With these few tips, you now have an idea on how to incorporate your PR into your social media marketing strategy without breaking your budget. If you are still confused and want to improve your social media marketing strategy with press release distribution without wasting too much of your time, you may want to use Social media press release distribution site.
Submit Press Release 123
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Dallas Driving School Drivers Education of America Uses Twitter Marketing Tool to Find Customers Online

“Hype Free Marketing” creator Qamar Zaman releases a new interview with Dallas based business leader Chad Henry, discussing a popular Twitter marketing tool.
Dallas, Texas – A Dallas Texas-based drivers’ education company is crediting its success in finding new customers with use of a popular Twitter Marketing tool that assists users in searching for high potential prospects within their target area in real time. Drivers Education of America, an online drivers’ education provider, was recently interviewed by “Hype Free Marketing” brand creator Qamar Zaman about how the use of SocialCentiv has helped increase his company’s success.
“SocialCentiv opened my eyes about how we can truly connect to a potential customer,” says Chad Henry, President of Drivers Education of America, who talked about his surprise after taking a chance on the Social Centiv Twitter Marketing tool, which has reportedly helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business since being introduced onto the market.
According to the Dallas businessman, his company had been searching for “the ultimate online marketing tool for simplifying the process of finding highly targeted customers in Twitter,” deeming the task of scanning millions of tweets to find prospects too tedious and unachievable prior to incorporating Social Centiv in their Twitter Marketing campaign.
“Wasting tons of time searching for potential customers on Twitter is the biggest problem in engaging your business in there.” Chad said in his testimonial interview. “Social Centiv helps us find customers within 15 minutes,” he added.
Chad also shared that the key reason his company was able to successfully acquire new customers using SocialCentiv is because it enabled them to effectively target highly relevant and geographically appropriate prospects, “the ones who really needed our service.”
“After using SocialCentiv, we managed to add 40 people a month to our service.” Chad shared in his success story, adding “In all businesses the secret to success is finding the right customer.”

How SocialCentiv Works?

Social Centiv has been described as a Twitter Marketing tool that helps business owners listen to and understand the needs of their target audience on the social network without requiring them to waste valuable time. It is designed to allow users to offer incentives in the form of promotions or discounts each time they find a highly potential prospect on Twitter in an effort to convert them into paying customers.
On the company’s website, SocialCentiv explains in detail how their twitter marketing tool works, stating “Your customers are on Twitter. We make reaching out to them easy, saving you time and helping you promote, educate, and gain awareness.”
The company further emphasizes that simplicity of use and effectiveness are the main advantages of their tool explaining, “The easy-to-use tool identifies consumers who Tweet their intent towards a product, service, or content related to your business. You can then present potential customers with a targeted, personalized incentive designed to influence their purchase decision.”

The Social Selling Trend

As explained by Zaman, what Chad does using the SocialCentiv tool can be categorized as Social Selling. According to statistics (, 72.6% of salespeople who use social selling as part of their sales process outperform their peers and exceed quota 23% more often.
Social Selling has become a social media marketing strategy widely embraced by marketers and business owners alike. Zaman notes that this is “because most potential customers or buyers prefer to buy a product or subscribe to a service from someone they know.” This notion is supported by statistics such as those presented in a survey ( that shows 92% of buyers say they delete emails or voicemail messages when they are from someone that they don’t know.
According to Chad, “the need to educate your target customers about what your business can bring to the table can be complemented by the help of social selling tools such as SocialCentiv.”
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Why Lawyers Should Get Feedback to Help SEO

The legal world has now becoming more widely competitive given the growing number of lawyers there are in a year. Now, a lot of law firms are making their own strategies to keep up with this highly competitive environment. With the increased number of lawyer rivals, many have embraced the challenges in the lawyer marketplace.

Lawyers seek out several of sources where they can get a good marketing strategy for their legal services and law firm. Although they already have an active lawyer blog, social media accounts all set up, what can really help any lawyers to top among the rest of the others, is having a client feedback. This can either be in series forms like testimonials found on their legal site, online reviews on different review sites, and the never obsolete form which is by word of mouth and etc. So in order for you to be able to know how and why you should ask and seek out your client feedback, I will be discussing some tips which you can use.

The only best way you can ask your clients for their feedback is by simply asking and telling them that you need it. Explain to them that their feedback would mean a lot to you and your law firm. Their feedback can help you improve on how you deal with your clients and how you can avoid certain events in case you receive a bad feedback. It will really help you grow and mature in your profession as these comments will all do the wonders.

You can ask them in a right time like through email or if you have an ongoing conversation with your client. Although best feedback are given when you are able to talk to your client personally, as it allows a personal connection to occur between two parties involved; rather than by having a conversation through online.

If ever you receive a feedback you don’t like, accept it and consider their opinion since it can help you grow professionally and it can help you avoid the same complaints in the future since you are already aware of your liability. Learn to accept constructive criticism.

Clients generally want a lawyer and a law firm that they see as credible and trustworthy. After all, it is not easy confiding a legal problem if you don’t trust the person whom you are talking to. So having testimonials in your lawyer site or posting reviews on sites like Yelp and other review sites, will really help you build a credible and trustworthy reputation. Later on, this can help you generate more clients too.

Aside from the reasons already mentioned above, client feedback can also help lawyers boost their lawyer site. Whenever a client leaves feedback to your site, this will be considered by Google as a new update and sometimes their feedback can contain long-tail keywords that Google considers accordingly.

Online review sites can also help you enhance your lawyer site ranking. This includes Yelp, AVVO, Google my business, etc. It can also help you generate more leads.

Clients feedback are important, may it be negative or positive. It just depends on how you respond to these different feedback and how you use them. If you receive a negative feedback, you should respond to their complaint and address to their concerns, as this can help you build your reputation. Being responsive and attentive can make show viewers that you really care for you clients since you are addressing their needs.

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