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5 Search Engine Optimization Strategies You Should Not Do in 2015

In 2015, there are so many things you need to take care of when it comes to SEO, and one of them is to avoid those strategies that aren’t useful anymore. To create a foolproof SEO campaign, here are the top 5 strategies that you should not use anymore from this year and onwards.

1. Spinning Articles for Building Links

Despite all the search algorithm updates released by big search engines in the past few years, there are still so many webmasters and website owners who still believe that spinning articles can help them boost their rankings. This is definitely a bad practice and should have been avoided years ago. Spun articles are treated by search engines as duplicate content thus categorizing them as spams. If you don’t want to get any penalties that would cost you your business, then stop using spun content to build links and manipulate search rankings.

2. Over-optimizing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Your webpage’s title tag and meta description are one of the major factors that can affect how well you rank in search results and how often people would click on your link. Stuffing them with so many awkward phrases just to fill them with keywords you want it to be found can trigger most search engines’ spam filter. This would lead to penalty and possible de-indexation. This year and beyond, be sure that you are mindful in writing your titles and Meta descriptions by composing compelling ones that can help you drive more traffic to your website.

3. Publishing Too Sales Pitchy Blog Posts

Of course, this practice is very common in the online marketing industry but this is something you should avoid doing especially when you are optimizing your content for search engines. Too sales pitchy blog posts won’t attract the right audience, it would repel them. Create content that is informative and offer value to your prospects. Create useful articles with the needs of your readers in mind. Remember that blatant advertising doesn’t work anymore on the web because people now have the choice what content or information they want to consume.

4. Doing Guest Blogging to Accumulate Do-Follow Backlinks

Probably one of the dangerous SEO practices you will do in 2015. If you still believe accumulating a huge amount of do-follow backlinks can give you an edge in SEO, then you better do something else. Guest blogging should not be mistaken as a link building tactic. It is a strategy that can help you promote valuable content and at the same time allows you to network with people in your industry. Getting your guest articles publish regularly in popular websites related to your niche can help a lot in boosting the value of your website, brand, and reputation, just make sure you are not littering the web with low quality content intended to hoard do-follow backlinks. Remember that Google’s latest search algorithm now penalizes website owners who manipulate search ranking by accumulating too many unnatural links.

5. Creating Too Many Web Pages to Boost Search Rankings

This may have worked in the past but search engines are smarter these days. Creating too many pages doesn’t mean you’ll get higher rankings. You should take into consideration if they are of high quality and added more value to your website. If these webpages are solely created to manipulate search rankings, then you should think twice and consider the fact that any types of rank manipulation these days are deemed to fail because technology in search is getting better and better.

When 131 billion searches are conducted every month on the web, the need to properly position your brand through optimizing it for organic searches should be on top of the list of your online marketing priorities. By knowing past SEO strategies that don’t work anymore, you are equipping yourself and your team to be more prepared in conducting an effective SEO campaign that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Good luck!

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