Lunes, Disyembre 29, 2014

The Benefits of making more blogs to Lawyers

Most population of lawyers in the different areas are now venturing to various ways and strategies when it comes to marketing their law firm and their legal services in order to get more and more clients. Some of these attorneys turn to blogging in order to earn new clients. There is even a study and research done that proves the more you post new blogs, the more you can get and earn new clients.

Based on a study, having a blog with less updates and less new posts usually receives fewer clients compared to that with constant updates and daily postings. Having new lawyer blog posts daily will cause potential clients to check and to click your lawyer site for more relevant and more interesting blogs. Not only that, having fresh blog contents will also cause your blog to have higher chances of being indexed in search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. since they like to provide their users with updated fresh contents. This means you will be able to generate more leads and you will also have increased online visibility which will cause you to gain more clients and increased chances of having return of investment (ROI).

According to Hubspot, “The use of social media and company blogs as marketing tools not only gets your company better brand exposure, but it also generates leads that result in real customer acquisition”. Ideally, lawyers should post frequently several times a day and three times a week because doing this can greatly benefit them in a way that they can earn new clients. Posting worth reading blog posts with original and unique contents will help lawyers to improve their attorney site’s search engine rankings and will also help them to be able to generate more traffic to their law firm site.

When it comes to making more blogs, lawyers can choose to either make their own legal blog posts or attorneys can choose to hire a professional lawyer blog writer if they have a budget intended for this marketing strategy. What matters are both the contents of the blog posts and the frequency of these posting.

Lawyers should be knowledgeable about these benefits so that they can appreciate this specific marketing strategy and be able to thoroughly apply and utilize this in their law firm site.

Qamar Zaman – Dallas SEO Expert

Qamar Zaman

Chief Visionary at One SEO Company. An Internet Entrepreneur SEO & lawyer Internet marketing professional & Starbucks Lover.

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